Flat Roofing 

We have been providing home owners across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire with all their flat roof solutions for many years. From design through to completion you can be sure of customer centred service and incredibly low prices.

Our trained roofers and expert flat roofing knowledge make us industry leaders in every aspect of flat roofs. Whether you want a new fibreglass or rubber flat roof, or need repairs to your current flat roof, we have it covered.

EPDM Rubber roofing experts

Are you after a low cost, seamless and completely reliable roofing material? Then rubber is for you. It comes in large sheets which can usually fit a whole flat roof, and can extend with us to 300% elongation making it totally flawless.

We are trained EPDM contractors, so you are guaranteed a reliable installation at a great price on this outstanding artificial roofing product, whichever part of the three counties you’re in.

See why rubber roofing is different

There are so many reasons to choose this great roofing material:

  • Rubber roofing is completely maintenance-free
  • Your roof will have no seams or joints so remains fully waterproof
  • It’s rot-proof, frost-proof and is hugely resistant to ageing
  • The roof’s elasticity means that the rubber won’t rip or tear if the roof moves
  • There is no need to use any post-fit surface protection (i.e. stone chippings)
  • The whole thing has a 40 + years life expectancy
  • Unaffected by extremes of temperature
  • Can overlay virtually any old roof

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From design through to completion, our experienced rubber roofers in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire will cater their roofing to your exact specifications. We install rubber roofing to the very highest of standards without forgetting outstanding customer-centred service.


GRP fibreglass roofing services

Are you after a roofing system which is totally waterproof, has a massive lifespan and is designed right here in the UK? Well, our fibreglass roofing system is for you. This state of the art roofing product is recognised as the top flat roofing material around today.

GRP Fibreglass roofing benefits

It’s durability and adaptability is second to none. As well as a 20 year guarantee, take a look at what a fibreglass roof has to offer:


  • With a GRP roof there’s no seams – so there’ll be no cracks or leaks in future
  • There’s also no stones – so there’ll be no moss or lichen growing on the roof
  • It’s tough enough to walk on – so they’re great for balconies and sun terraces
  • A fibreglass roof can also incorporate insulation so it helps to keep you warm
  • It’s available in a wide and varied range of colours to match your property