New Roof Installation

New roof installation, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire

Here at The Roofing Company, we install a wide range of new roofs in the three counties, including Tile, Felt, and Rubber Roofing.

A new roof is a major building project for any household to undertake. Our experienced roofing team provide a professional new roofing installation on a variety of buildings.

From new builds to heritage homes, we can supply you with a first-class roofing service. We are committed to providing a high level of service to ensure you’re left with a durable, long-lasting roof for your property that looks great.


Considering a new roof?

If you are considering a new roof on your home, the first place to start is by giving us a call to organise an inspection and a free, no obligation quote. Our team of highly experienced and trained roofers will lend their advice, and help you to choose the right new roof covering for your property. Factors to consider are cost, neighbouring roof coverings & the current capabilities of your timber roof structure (for example, putting a heavier covering on your roof will require some structural re-inforcement).

Type of roofs

  • House Roof
  • Porch Roof
  • Garage Roof
  • Dormer Roofs
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Extension Roofing

    Roofing Materials

    • Slate
    • Tile & Concrete Tile
    • Felt
    • GRP Rubber
    • Fibreglass
    • Zinc/Copper