Moss Removal

The roofing company are pleased to offer moss removal services to all types of roof to customers in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire looking to rejuvenate and lengthen the life of their roof.

Moss, algae and dirt on the roof of your home not only spoils the look of your house, but they can also cause much larger problems. For many people, eradicating unsightly moss and algae is a reason alone for moss removal. However, moss and algae additionally strip the protective layers of your roof, which leaves your entire home vulnerable.

Many concrete and clay tiles in the UK suffer with unsightly moss and algae growth. Moss, algae and lichens typically appear worse on the most north-facing side of your roof, this is because they thrive in damp, shaded areas. If left untreated, these moss invaders can potentially harm your roofing system.

What happens when moss appears on your roof

– The freeze and thaw process of the moss can result in cracked & dislodged tiles.

– The weight of all that extra  moss on your roof can stress your roofing structure beneath the tiling.

– Moss will block your guttering and fail your roof drainage system which could potentially cause future problems in the eaves section of your roof.

– Most roofs with mortar systems for the ridges and gables will suffer early 

deterioration from the moss attacking the cement works.

– When dislodged from your roof, moss can become a nuisance when scattered all over your patio/driveway.

– Your roof is a major part of your home and unsightly moss and algae growth can sometimes be an eyesore to look at.

Benefits of choosing us to clean your roof

– Cleaning your roof will instantly transform the look of your home.

– Manually removing the moss from your roof and treating for further protection can extend the life of your roof.

– Increase kerb appeal and can also increase property value.

– Keep your guttering and roof drainage system working as it should, thus protecting the eaves section.

– No more sweeping moss from the ground that has fallen from your roof.

– By choosing The Roofing Company for a complete overhaul of your roof you can save you lots of money on replacing your roof.

Manual Roof Moss Removal & Biocide Roof Wash/Treatment.

The most appropriate method of roof cleaning for the majority of roofs is a manual roof scrape to remove moss from the roof tiles, before the application of a biocidal roof wash treatment.

A biocidal roof wash will kill off all remaining organic life on the roof of your property, this includes moss spores, litchen.

This method is what many refer to as the most gentle and long lasting way to remove years of dirt and organic growth from tiles and it is suitable for every tile type including concrete tiles, clay tiles and natural slate.

The one type of roof which can look worse when cleaned is artificial slate, these are man made of fibrous material and the atmospheric dirt build up on the slates covers up discolouration. When the atmospheric dirt build up is cleaned away (using any method of cleaning) the man made slates can appear white in large patches.

Our Roof Treatment Process

Once the moss has been removed from your roof using manual roof scraping then we apply a biocide roof wash to your roof. Some call this method a soft wash as it avoids the use of pressure washing. Biocide will kill all organic matter on your roof upon application including moss spores, algae, litchen and biofilm which is invisible to the naked eye.


The biocide applied to your roof will gently cleanse your roof tiles over a period of 12 months from application. Every time the tiles become wet through rain or dew the biocide is reactivated on the surface of the tile, washing away years of atmospheric growth.